As everyone knows, and many club rugby fans are still bemoaning, the top end of Scottish club rugby was in turmoil over the summer as a result of the introduction of the Scottish Rugby’s ‘Super 6’ concept, and the reconstruction of the league system which followed as a result.

So far as Currie Chieftains was concerned there was no change. We continue to play in the Tennent’s Premiership along with 3 other existing Premiership clubs and 6 National 1 clubs which were promoted to the Premiership.

These clubs were replaced in National 1 by the ‘club teams’ of the 6 clubs granted Scottish Rugby ‘Super 6’ licences.

So, in effect, the clubs in the Premiership and National 1 have got juggled about but in aggregate still form the same bunch of clubs that were always there. A further bit of confusion has been added by some clubs passing on their historic club names to their Super 6 team, whilst others have created new innovative ‘Super 6’ names like Southern Knights (from Melrose), Ayrshire Bulls (from Ayr) and Boroughmuir Bears (well I’ll leave you to guess).

So, for complete clarity, the Tennent’s Premiership Clubs for the 2019-2020 season will be:

Aberdeen Grammar Rugby

Currie Chieftains

Edinburgh Accies FC


Glasgow Hawks RFC

Hawick RFC

Jed-Forest RFC

Marr RFC

Musselburgh RFC

Selkirk RFC

These clubs have already come together in a new Premiership Forum which I am told is working amicably and effectively, and with a lot of ambition for the future.