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What does it take
to become a Currie Chieftain?

We at Currie Chieftains work with a philosophy which involves two main strands.
The first is development. As a coach I love working with good people who want to get better. The most rewarding part is seeing talented players reaching their potential and becoming excellent young men and women.
The second is enjoyment and these two strands go hand in hand. Players generally want to get better and if they can see this improvement they enjoy themselves more.Whilst there is some enjoyment in having fun, for me, real enjoyment comes

from working hard to overcome challenges and achieve things that you once thought were once out of reach. This is a very exciting time to be involved with Currie Chieftains as we continue to grow and develop. Everyone involved has a real desire to continue to improve, and with this attitude we will go from strength to strength.

Join our clan…

Ben Cairns

Head Coach of the Currie Chieftains

BT Premiership 2017 / 18

Senior Squad

Age Nationality Pro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
John Cox
03/10/83ScottishScotland U18/19/21
Scotland Club Internatonal XV
Grant 'Scaley' Williamson07/08/93Scottish0015
Kris Burney25/08/1988Scottish000
AP McWilliam20/01/1995Scottish0Scotland U18
Duncan Ferguson03/05/97South African/Scottish000
Graeme Carson30/12/89Scottish000
Paul Davidson16/08/98Scottish000
Euan Blair08/02/97Scottish000

Age NationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Fergus Scott01/08/92ScottishGlasgow Warriors - 3Scotland U17/18/20, Scotland Club XV
Connor McEvoy19/05/97Irish0Ireland U181
Callum McKintoshScottish
Campbell Wilson16/03/1999Scottish0Scotland U18 Touch Rugby4
Billy Emslie08/09/90Scottish00
Robbie MacKenzie30/06/98Scottish00
Cameron Watson04/12/97Scottish00

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Second Rows
Sam Edwards18/12/92Scottish0017
Vince Wright16/11/1991Austrailian/British0NETHERLANDS0
Mikey Vernel27/03/93Scottish0Scotland U17/U187
Stephen Ainslie07/01/196Scottish0Scotland U16/17/18/19/203
Calum Greer04/02/99Scottish007
Hamish Bain24/09/97Scottish0Scotland U16/18/19/202
Gary Temple25/04/88Scottish0Scotland U18 / Scottish Unis11

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Back Rows
Luke Crosbie22/4/1997Scottish2Scotland U18/19/208
Scott McGinley16/06/1997Scottish0Scotland U16/2010
Paul Mundell24/03/90Scottish0016
Angus Farqhaur14/10/99Scottish000
Rhys Davies11/10/93ScottishLeicester Tigers A League, London Wasps A League, Doncaster KnightsWelsh Students, Scotland U17/1816
Josh O'Brien01/10/98Scottish00
Jack ValentineScottish00
Thomas Gordon30/01/97New Zealand0Scotland U18/20

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Scrum Halfs
Charlie Shiel03/12/97ScottishGlasgow Warriors - 1Scotland U16/17/18/20
Matt O'Neil29/05/93Scottish00
Fraser WrightScottish00
Joe Stachan27/05/92Scottish0017

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Stand Offs
Jamie Forbes14/09/91Scottish0Scotland U18/19/205
Chris Davies18/02/97Scottish
Charlie BrettScottish00
Bryn PerrottScottish
James Bywater23/09/94English004

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational HonorsYrs at Club
Robbie Nelson15/11/92Scottish0Scotland Club XV5
Matthew Hooks03/01/96Irish002
Cameron Hutchison01/06/198Scottish0Scotland U18/19/201
Matt McPhillips04/05/96Scottish0Scotland U19/20
David Hall25/04/95Scottish00
Archie McLean05/01/99Scottish00
Greg Halliday27/02/88Scottish00
Nick PertScottish

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Mitchell Reid25/06/97Scottish006
Cammy Gray27/11/96Scottish0Scotland U16/U203
Mark Conlan08/05/98Scottish001
Chris Nairn16/12/94Scottish004
Ross Hemmings04/08/97Scottish005
Ruaraidh Smith15/05/98Scottish0Scotland U17/18/19/20
Ben RobbinsScottish0Scotland U18/20, Scotland 7's3
Ben DonaldsonScottish00

AgeNationalityPro CapsInternational Honors Yrs at Club
Harvey Elms02/06/95Scottish0Scotland U204
Glen Faulds28/11/98Scottish000
Tom Hall05/04/97Scottish0010
Jonny Betts00
Grant Haggart12/07/97Scottish00

Currie Chieftains Coaches

Currie Chieftains Head Coach & Head of Rugby:
Ben Cairns


UKCC Level 3 qualified Coach

Currently working towards level 4

E: headcoach@curriechieftains.org

Currie Chieftains assistant coaches:

Mark Cairns – Specialist Coach – UKCC Level 2, World Rugby 7’s Educator

Fergus Pingle – Lineout Coach – UKCC Level 3 qualified and Level 3 Educator, currently working toward Level4

Andy Barnett –   S&C and Scrum Coach – UKCC Level 2, UKA Level 3 (SC & Sprints), SIS Qualified

Niall Lear – Skills Coach – UKCC Level 3

Currie Chieftains A Coaches

Currie Chieftains A Head Coach:
Bruce MacNaughton

Qualifications: UKCC Level 3 Coach

Currie Chieftains A Assistant Coach:
Duncan Wilson

Qualifications: UKCC Level 1 Coach
Cerified First Aider

Player Welfare

Currie Chieftains Medical Director:
Dr K Barclay



Dr Andy Stevenson





Currie Chieftains Physio:
Keith Berry

Qualifications: Physiotherapist


Currie Chieftains Physio:
David Rowndey

Qualifications: Dr / Physiotherapist


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EH14 7AF

0131 449 2432


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