Chieftains A had a dominant win against Dundee Titans on Saturday 30 March to secure their position as winners of the National Reserve League Division 2, and along the way have set a modern record for the Currie Chieftains club.

One of the most successful seasons ever recorded in our history was 1979-80, when the 1st XV scored 1002 points-for in a highly successful season when they were unbeaten. In 2018-19 Chieftains A have arguably surpassed this earlier points-for record – although the purists will argue that the the scoring system has change between the two dates.  Comparative statistics are as follows.

In 1979-80: Played 29; Won 27; Drawn 2; Lost 0; Points for 1002; Points against 132; Points difference 870.

In 2018-19: Played 18; Won 17; Drawn 0; Lost 1; Points for 1081; Points against 230; Points difference 851.

The comparative figures offer the opportunity for endless debate. However, no matter how you chose to interpret them, Chieftains A have set a ‘modern record’ that will take some beating!