Curie Chieftains had an excellent league season, finishing third in the Premiership with 67 league points – separated only by points difference from runners-up with Heriots. However, in the semi-final away play-off on the 23 March Heriots secured an unequivocal victory by 35-10. Heriots were strengthened by a pro-draft including Scotland international players and, on the day, the Chieftains suffered match-ending injuries to two key front row forwards and to both half-backs. However, our team gave 100%, right up to the final whistle. Both players and supporters, were disappointed by the result. Nonetheless, there was pride in having reached the knock-out stages of the Premiership in every season for the past 5 years. Additionally, the 2018-19 season has been characterised by some of the most entertaining rugby you could ever hope to watch. Playing the ‘Currie way’ has been repeatedly demonstrated through great rugby skills and sheer guts and determination. The statistics speak for themselves; 12 try- bonus points and 3 losing bonus points in 18 league games.

Also, in outstanding form, Currie Chieftains A were outright league winners in the National Reserve League Division 2, convincingly overcoming Dundee Titans on 31 March in the final encounter at Malleny. For Chieftains A, the season’s statistics are a new ‘modern record’ for the club: played 18; won 17; lost 1; 1081 points for; 230 points against; and with 17 try-bonus points in 18 games. These figures reflect a season of outstanding, free-flowing rugby, right out of the top-drawer.

Over the next few months some players from each team will move away to post-graduate courses, new jobs or new opportunities elsewhere. The club will rebuild for next season, as it always does. However, on behalf of all Currie Chieftains club members, this is to say a special and heart felt ‘thanks’ to all the 2018-19 playing squad. You have kindled the fire of rugby passion in us all and have been a true privilege to watch.